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May 7, 2013


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sudo apt-get install build-essential autoconf libtool texinfo swig python-dev
./configure --enable-trace
sudo make install
make check
cd examples
./testSVG yourdwgfile.dwg > yourconverteddwgfile.svg

March 27, 2013

LibreCAD: Using plugins

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To use plugins in LibreCAD, we need to compile it.

The installed version on my LapTop (with Ubuntu 12.10) was LibreCAD Version: 1.0.2 SCM Revision: 1.0.2 Compiled on: May 17 2012

For installation, refer LibreCAD site.

Step followed:

git clone
sudo apt-get build-dep librecad
cd LibreCAD

Time taken to compile was:
real 32m20.894s
user 28m37.355s
sys 2m2.968s

To run it:

cd unix

Now version is:

Version: master
SCM Revision: 2.0.0beta1-127-g0e8950a
Compiled on: Mar 27 2013

Has plugins:

1) File -> Import -> Shape file
2) Modify -> Align



January 1, 2013


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Finite ELemenT (FElt) is introductory level finite element analysis software. Its code on SourceForge is outdated, and GUI version is not working on current Operation Systems and C compilers. Get repaired code from GitHub. Refer installation instructions.

Types of Analysis

Currently FElt supports following analysis types:

  1. static
  2. transient
  3. static-substitution
  4. modal
  5. static-thermal
  6. transient-thermal
  7. spectral

Elements Supported

Currently FElt supports following elements:

  1. spring
  2. truss
  3. beam
  4. beam3d
  5. timoshenko
  6. CSTPlaneStrain
  7. CSTPlaneStress
  8. iso2d PlaneStrain
  9. iso2d PlaneStress
  10. quad PlaneStrain
  11. quad PlaneStress
  12. htk
  13. brick
  14. rod
  15. ctg


Learn Finite Element Method using a few examples.


If no material is assigned to an element, the default material property will have zeros for all of its characteristics. Chances are this is not what you want.

An element can have up to three optional distributed loads. Each element type may treat a distributed load differently so you should be careful that the name given for the loads on a given element match the names of distributed loads which are defined in a manner conformant with what that element type is expecting.

September 16, 2011

GSoC, OSM and me

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*This post is incomplete
For the year 2011, there were 175 FOSS organisation selected by Google. Google selected 988 projects. Parveen Arora’s project “Fast Track Deployment of Customised OSM Tile Server” was mentored by Dr. Jone Graham and me.

September 4, 2011

Songs for Freedom

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Enjoy songs of Freedom and spread the message of freedom.

Songs of Freedom

I also invite talented youth to translate these in Hindi and
Punjabi and to write more such songs in Indian languages.

We can also have skits, street plays.

Your comments and view are solicited.

August 23, 2011

FELT: FEM Software

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Nice Finite Element Method (Finite Element Analysis) software. Home page. Improved version at Git Hub.


sudo apt-get install flex g++ libboost-dev bison mesa-common-dev libxcb-glx0-dev libXaw7-dev libglw1-mesa-dev
git clone git://
cd felt/
cmake .
sudo make install

May 15, 2011

Petrol Price, Road Safety & Environment

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Good move by the government, as giving subsidised Petrol to make luxury affordable to the handful motor vehicle owner is not a very democratic step. Subsidy amount which is coming from taxpayer’s money should not be exclusively given to facilitate motor transport, especially petrol driven. About 1% of the country’s population own petrol driven vehicles and last year subsidy paid to oil companies was Rs 40120 crores- which is almost 8% of the total indirect tax collected Rs. 315000 crores-. With this subsidy amount almost 1 lakh schools per year in the country can be made world class and many other projects. Further the loss of our foreign exchange, making dollar more powerful. Thanks to the heterogeneous character of road transport in India, which enable most of our activities and its dependency on non-motorized transport, which further helping our country to remain “War-FREE”. In US the car density per 1000 population is 880 compared with India as just 12, their highly dependability on motor transport force them to fight with one oil rich country every year almost :-). Those who like luxury should be ready to pay for it also. With this price rise, a good
Public transport system in place can be considered as good move by the government instead of roll backing the price rise. Good step for environment protection, good for road safety and deterrent for individual transport.

April 10, 2011

GNDEC and GWA joins hands to make Fazilka’s eMap

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After attaining the many first status in the India and Worldwide because of its handmade Jutti, Tosha, 1965-1971 India Pakistan War, dial-a-rickshaw and the latest India’s first Car free city, this coming Saturday one more star would be added to the name of Fazilka. Fazilka would join the league of first 40 big cities available via open street Digital Maps online and first in the tier II towns of the country.

Poster: Mapping Fazilka

Mapping Fazilka

In the era of technology, Graduates Welfare Association Fazilka (GWAF) joins hands with North India’s technical giant Guru Nanak Dev Engineering College (GNDEC), Ludhiana to prepare digital map of Fazilka and making it available to public, through Internet, as their own map. A map created by public, for the public, and owned by public. The GWAF and GNDEC’s joint efforts will make India’s smallest big town actually on Global Map network. Geeta Softech would be the local host to conduct the map party event for the same. Talking to media persons project mentor, Prof (Dr.) H.S Rai enumerated the advantages and benefits of digital map. Prof. Rai explained “The project is called Open Street Map. Open Street maps are free editable maps made with the help of the GPS by anyone at anytime. These maps allows us to view, edit and use geographical data in a collaborative way from anywhere on the globe. Through unrestricted access to data, such digital maps empower the citizens, ultimately resulting in numerous innovations.” Further emphasizing the concept of digital map and map party, he informed that this project will help the Government and NGOs in their social welfare schemes, to provide them geographical information for their projects. It will also promote tourism and help journalists and students a lot.

“The quality data so produced will also facilitate easy navigation for commuters. It is very useful for a small town like Fazilka, has its presence on global map; due to its environment related activities in the recent past and world like to know more about it. Giving further details about the event, Navdeep Asija, Secretary (Admin), GWAF informed, “we have selected 20 people belonging to different domains, like draftsmen, farmers, people from defence services, budding Civil Engineering Architecture students & map lovers, each one will be having a GPS device to capture the ground realities, land marks, eating outlet, hotels, restaurants, and other related attributes as a part of Mapping party, further information obtained by all shall be combined and uploaded”. Geeta Softech Fazilka would be acting as facility provider.” There are hundreds of active mappers today, but since the concept is fairly new to India, is fast catching up, and we are happy to associate our self with the great cause for our city beautiful”, said Mr Vinod Kumar, Director Geeta Softech Interestingly, all data generated will be available in public domain, which may be used by anybody, the way one likes, without bearing the burden of any charge. The information will be available on the website .

Fazilka city being one of the hot spot on border area tourism in the Malwa region of Punjab, for its original art and culture, rural tourism, black buck sanctuary, border retreat, such information will help visitor at large, and in the era of technological advancement, it is a welcoming step, said Dr Bhupinder Singh, Patron GWAF. Free training shall be given and each participant will be honoured with Certificate of Appreciation.

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March 26, 2011


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To have many Terminal / Console windows:

// Stands for comment, not to be typed on screen
// Comments are for explanation purpose
ssh User@RemoteServer
// Issue commands
^b d // To de-attach Tmux window
exit // to logout

Your command will run on server, even after logout.

To gain access to same “Terminal”

ssh User@RemoteServer
tmux attach

Open a new window

^b c // Open new console window

If you have more than one terminal opened with “tmux”, then:

// In tmux console window
^b w // to list windows
^b # // to go to window #

Know more commands about use of Tmux.

March 18, 2011


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lynx -width 500 -dump | grep Please | tr -s ' ' | tr -s ' ' ',' >> dcu.csv

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